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We offer a free estimating service and are committed to returning Tenders and Quotations by the deadline dates given. The pricing structure is dependent on the customers requirements and normally falls into the following categories:

1). Supply and fix all necessary Labour, Materials and Equipment.

2) Fix Only including the supply of Adhesive, Grout and Trims.

3) Supply and Deliver Only.

We have heavily invested in reliable up to date modern computer technology enabling us to keep up with customer demand and we welcome your enquiries by email (info@lintonceramics.co.uk), on disk, memory stick, Bills of Quantity or Drawings. Where appropriate we can also supply rates for Partnering Agreements.

Our operational area covers Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Central London and Greater London within the confines of the M25 south of the Thames.

Site Measuring:
Should you require we will provide a complete site measuring service in order to submit a quotation?

Technical Service:
Our staff are able to offer help and advice on all aspects of tile fixing fully supported by Manufacturer's Adhesive Specifications for tiling to all types of backgrounds.

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles.



Reconstituted Tiles.


Glass Tiles.



Under Floor Heating Systems.

Fixing Tools.
Porcelain Tiles.


Natural Stone.



Quarry Tiles.


Uncoupling Membranes.

Cleaning Products.
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